Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need an account to make a purchase?
What if I can't remember my password and I don’t have a security question?
How do I change my password?
How can I see my account history?
How do I know if I am an existing customer?
Do I have to login to use the Online Library?
How do I log in?


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Do I have to order online?

Weekly Safety Meetings

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Who gets trained?
What are the training topics?
Isn’t OSHA information very technical?
How will I make time to hold weekly meetings?
Where can I find the list of Weekly Safety Meetings published for the previous year?
I have a Premium Membership, but I haven’t received my Weekly Safety Meetings / Manufacturing Safety Meetings via e-mail?

Daily Log Books

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Why keep records?
How can the Daily Log help you?
Features of the Daily Log
What types of information can be recorded?
Three versions of the Daily Log are available
Creating your own record keeping tool
Do you have other log books geared towards other trades?


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Do I have to give Quizzes?
What can I do if the employees don’t understand the quiz questions?
Do I have to have a Premium Membership to get Quizzes?
Can you send the Quizzes with my Standard Subscription?
How much do the Quizzes cost?
What if I currently receive 10 copies of the Weekly Safety Meetings, but only intend to use Quizzes with 2 of my crews?
Are there Quizzes for the Meetings in the Online Library?
Can you remove Quizzes from my Premium Membership so they aren’t attached to the e-mails you send me?
Are Quizzes available for both the Construction Weekly Safety Meetings and Manufacturing Safety Meetings?

S.A.F.E. Cards®

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How many S.A.F.E. Cards® are in a set?
What do I need to hold a Safety Moment with S.A.F.E. Cards®?
What topics do S.A.F.E. Cards® cover?
Are S.A.F.E Cards® the same thing as Safety Meetings, but in a smaller format?
Can I use both Weekly Safety Meetings and S.A.F.E. Cards®?
Do you expect us to carry S.A.F.E Cards® around the jobsite?
Do I need to document Safety Moments with S.A.F.E. Cards®?
Can I use S.A.F.E Cards® for OSHA training compliance?
How do I select which S.A.F.E. Card® to use for a Safety Moment?