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Safety Awareness For Everyone

Make safety training part of every day without sacrificing productivity. With S.A.F.E. Cards® , the supervisor can present relevant safety training when and where the hazards exist and do it in less than two minutes.

S.A.F.E. Cards® Features




Document Your TrainingRegular safety training is important. Having your safety training documented is better. Documenting your use of S.A.F.E. Cards® safety training is easy using one of Safety Meeting Outlines’ tracking logs.

First, decide why you are documenting your training – is it for your own use, to meet company requirements, to complement the message in your Weekly Safety Meeting, or to have documentation in case of an OSHA inspection?

Next, determine how you want to document your training. You may want to download one or more of our forms, develop your own tracking sheets, or make a note on your Weekly Safety Meeting. Depending on your needs, you may find it helpful to use more than one training log.

We have created three logs for you; and they’re available for you to download. Additionally, the S.A.F.E. Card® Training Log can be purchased in pads of 30 logs.

S.A.F.E. Card® Complete Set Training Log - Use this log if your goal is to train on most or all 100 S.A.F.E. Cards® . Simply fill in the date you trained the crew on the space next to each S.A.F.E. Card®topic. You will be able to see at a glance which S.A.F.E. Card® topics you still need to train on.

S.A.F.E. Card® Daily Training Log - Use this log if your goal is to train daily or most every day. Print a log for the month. Fill in the month and the year at the top of the form. After you train, fill in the category and topic of the S.A.F.E. Card® that you presented to the crew.

S.A.F.E. Card® Training Log - Use this log to document what Card was used, and who was trained. Print several (or order pads of them from SMO) and keep them right in the box with your S.A.F.E. Cards® . Be sure to have everyone in your crew sign before they head back to work.

S.A.F.E. Cards® Titles

Accident Prevention

  • Accident Awareness
  • Accident reports & Investigations
  • Crushed By & Moving Parts Accidents
  • Falling Objects
  • Near Misses - Near Accidents
  • Safety Attitude
  • Shortcuts
  • Signs & Colors
  • What To Do In An Emergency
  • What You Can Do To Prevent Accidents

Electrical Safety

  • Extension Cords
  • General Electric Safety
  • GFCIs
  • Electric Shock
  • Illumination
  • Overloading Circuits
  • Proper Wiring & Repairs
  • Temporary Generators
  • Temporary Wiring

Fall Protection

  • Aerial lifts & Platforms
  • Elevated Surfaces
  • Guardrails
  • Holes & Floor Openings
  • Ladders
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Safety Net Systems
  • Scaffolding I
  • Scaffolding II
  • Stairs & Handrails

Fire Prevention

  • Combustible materials
  • Emergencies
  • Evacuation & emergency plan
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire prevention at home
  • Flammable gases
  • Flammable liquids
  • Refueling & hot engines
  • Sources of ignition
  • Statistics

First Aid

  • Bleeding
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Burns
  • Choking
  • Cuts & Lacerations
  • First Response & First Aiders
  • Heart Attack
  • Heat-related Illnesses
  • First Aid & Universal Precautions
  • Stroke

General Health & Safety

  • Back Injuries
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Old Hand - New Site
  • Brand New Employee
  • Job Safety checklist
  • Horseplay
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Off-the-job Safety
  • Stress

Hazard Communication

  • Chemical Disposal
  • Chemical Emergencies
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Chemical Labels
  • Chemical Storage
  • Haz Com
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Safe Handling
  • Spills & Cleanup
  • Emergency & First Aid Procedures

Heavy Equipment

  • Belts, Chains & Pulleys
  • Conveyors
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Operator Duties & Responsibilities
  • Rigging
  • Overhead Powerlines
  • Soil & Underground Hazards
  • Spotters
  • Working Safely With Heavy Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Clothing
  • Foot Protection
  • Eye Protection I
  • Eye Protection II
  • Gloves
  • Hard Hats
  • Hearing Protection
  • PPE For Chemicals
  • Protective Shields & Barriers
  • Respirators


  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Chain Saws
  • Chisels
  • Circular Saws
  • Electrical Tools
  • Hammers
  • Knives
  • Powder-actuated Tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tool Maintenance
Make The Most Of Your S.A.F.E. Cards

Your goal is to build safety awareness and to make sure everyone is working safely. S.A.F.E. Cards® can help make your training quick, easy, and most importantly, effective. S.A.F.E. Cards® are ideal for on-the-spot training.
Use them to:

  • Review safe practices for today's tasks
  • Turn a delay into a training opportunity
  • Conduct daily safety briefs
  • Re-enforce remedial or reminder training
  • Review ideas you covered earlier in a Weekly Safety Meeting

Order Your S.A.F.E. Cards®

S.A.F.E. Cards Complete Set

S.A.F.E. Cards® Complete Set

Order the complete set of S.A.F.E. Cards when you need 360 degrees of safety training. The set includes all cards from every topic category in a sturdy, custom-built carrying case.

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