Household Hazardous Chemical Safety

Everyone has an interest in keeping employees safe when they’re not at work, and even helping them keep their families safe at home.

Employers need their people to be at work and being productive, and employees need to be at work earning a paycheck. If John has a broken leg, regardless of whether he broke it at work or at home, he isn’t going to be an effective carpenter and the framing still needs to get done. If Ron’s little girl is in the hospital for chemical burns, he either won’t be at work, or he’ll be very distracted while he is at work. Either way, Ron isn’t being productive. Worse, if he’s working but distracted, he could be putting others in danger.

We’ve compiled some resources that you can use to safely deal with chemical hazards that commonly exist in homes. The websites below have relatively easy-to-read solutions that cover everything from handling household asbestos and lead hazards to what to do with a burnt-out CFL bulb