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Construction Weekly Safety Meetings

The Easy, Affordable, Weekly Toolbox Talk Training System.

One relevant topic each week, one-page presentation—one great way to run a job site Safety Meeting. A subscription to Weekly Safety Meetings delivers a reliable turnkey training tool every month.

What Can Weekly Safety Meetings Do For You?

  • Save Livesyour employees' lives!
  • Save Time! by reducing time lost to replacing employees, suffering through investigations, and repairing damaged equipment.
  • Save Money! by increasing profits and efficiency, reducing fines, decreasing insurance premiums, and documenting your training efforts.
  • Save Hassle! by improving morale, decreasing turn-over, and making your company a better place to work. 


Weekly Safety Meetings are designed to be used for on-site training.

You don’t need to get the crew to a classroom, or spend money on fancy equipment. Weekly Safety Meetings are easy-to-use, clean, professional, and effective toolbox talks. The training happens where the employees are and you can train on material that is relevant to the work they are doing or will be doing that very day. Relevant training, on-site, time-efficient, low cost. A Win-Win-Win-Win!There is no doubt that safety training reduces accidents and increases profits.
The real question is how to train the people who need it without compromising efficiency, effectiveness, and profits. The answer is Weekly Safety Meetings. These toolbox talks allow you, your superintendent, or your foreman to conduct quick, effective, powerful safety training on-site where the employees are and where the hazards are.

Safety training has to happen.
OSHA, your insurance carrier, the owner, and your own commitment to the safety of your people make training mandatory. Accidents are very expensive regardless of how you tally the costs.

Weekly Safety Meetings make it easy for you to conduct regular safety meetings.
Making training easier increases the likelihood that it will happen every week. Regular training creates and reinforces safe work practices. When safe work practices are standard practice, you reap the benefits:

  • Nobody gets killed!
  • Fewer accidents occur with lower severities
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Fewer inspections
  • Fewer and lower fines
  • Improved productivity
  • Better morale
  • Higher profits

In some cases a good training program may mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over. Some developers and prime contractors are now requiring your Experience Modification Rate (EMR) on the bid. If your rate is too high, your price and your quality are irrelevant—your bid won't even be considered.


Weekly Safety Meetings Subscription Comparison

  Construction Standard Subscription Construction Select Edition Subscription Construction Premium Membership
52 Weekly Safety Meetings delivered directly to you
Available in English
Available in Spanish
Printed additional copies available
Monthly delivery
Printed on carbonless paper
Delivery by U.S. Mail
Delivery by e-mail
Weekly Safety Meeting Quizzes
$23 per Jobsite / Supervisor
Select titles to match your work
Multi-use License for all included in membership
Access Online Library (additional Weekly Safety Meetings)
Personalized Weekly Safety Meetings
Monthly message with additional tips and information
Total Weekly Safety Meetings available each year

Topics for Construction Weekly Safety Meetings

Noise Hot Work Respirators Impact Tools Concussions Sprains & Strains Safety Resolutions Demolition Hazards Is Your Vehicle Safe? Types of Scaffolds Don't Get Zapped Confined Spaces Pneumatic Tools Forklift Safety Face Shields Power Saws First-Aid Kit Musculoskeletal Disorders Securing Heavy Equipment Working Outside in the Heat Abrasive Wheels & Grinders Using Oxygen to Weld & Cut National Fall Stand-Down National Work Zone Awareness Week Suspension Trauma & Rescue Plans Safe Lifting Don’t be a Vector (Flu Prevention) Protection From Head to Toe Compressed Gas Hazards A Near Miss is a Big Deal Prepare for Bad Weather National Safety Month What’s in Your Go Bag? Fire Prevention Week Wire Rope & Rigging Good Housekeeping Squashed! Sharp Tools Heart Attack! Crane Hazards Arc Flash Risks New Employees Slips, Trips, & Falls Constructing Scaffolds Tilt-Up Building Safety Temporary Power In The Trenches Flooding & Mold Chemical Safety Gimme a Break! Falling Objects Utility Hazards

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