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Construction Premium Membership

The Construction Premium Membership provides maximum flexibility and on-demand safety training materials for all of your enrolled employees. Get e-mail delivery of a new Weekly Safety Meeting (toolbox talk) for every week of the year, plus unlimited access to all topics in our Online Library of meetings.

to train up to 10 people – See cart for volume discounts.

Construction Premium Membership Details

What Do You Get?

      • One Weekly Safety Meeting for every week of the year; the same titles as Standard Subscription. Delivered by e-mail, once a month.
      • A Quiz and Answer Key for each of the Weekly Safety Meetings. Check out the Quiz Guide.
      • Unlimited access to the entire Online Library of over 200 Weekly Safety Meetings. (The Library does not contain Quizzes.)

Why Purchase a Premium Membership?

The Premium Membership is designed to meet two client needs: One, our clients want to receive the Meetings electronically because they are easier to manage, control, and use. Two, many clients want to train with the most relevant material possible. The Online Library provides access to hundreds of Meetings that cover a wide variety of topics, so your safety training always matches the work the employees are doing. You get 52 Weekly Safety Meetings throughout the year plus on-demand access to all of the content in the Online Library.How Does It Work?

Premium Membership offers the monthly delivery of brand new Meetings just like Standard Subscription; it offers the choice of Select Edition by allowing you to choose topics anytime from the Online Library (with Select Edition, you choose all your Meetings upfront for the full year).

      • Each month we’ll send you an e-mail message with the month’s Meetings attached as a PDF. Use these Meetings or download any other titles from our Online Library.
      • When it’s time to hold the Meeting, we recommend that you read the text once beforehand; then read the Meeting to your crew, have everyone sign the form, get them back to work, and file your signed copy as proof of your training session.
      • Keep signed copies of your Weekly Safety Meetings in your files. Those signed Meetings can prove invaluable down the road; demonstrating to OSHA inspectors that you do maintain ongoing safety training. They may also come to your aid in a liability, negligence, or personal injury lawsuit.

Premium Membership is just as easy to implement as the Standard Subscription, plus it gives you the choice and flexibility you need to match your training to the hazards your employees are going to encounter during the week.Pricing

Safety training pays off when your employees avoid accidents. As such, pricing for Premium Membership is based on the number of people you’re training. Starting at $200 per year for up to 10 people, Premium Membership offers unparalleled flexibility and value. You can print a copy of any Weekly Safety Meeting for each supervisor or for each person being trained. In addition to holding your weekly meeting, you can access the Online Library to conduct special or supplemental training for the entire crew, or just for certain individuals. You’ll receive a username and a password so you can access the Online Library any time you have a safety training need.

Product Annual Cost
Construction Premium Membership ( 1 - 10 People Trained ) $200.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 11 - 25 People Trained ) $250.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 26 - 50 People Trained ) $315.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 51 - 75 People Trained ) $400.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 76 - 100 People Trained ) $480.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 101 - 200 People Trained ) $615.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 201 - 300 People Trained ) $760.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 301 - 400 People Trained ) $905.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 401 - 500 People Trained ) $1,045.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 501 - 600 People Trained ) $1,190.00
Construction Premium Membership ( 600+ People Trained ) Please Call 815-464-0200

Weekly Safety Meetings Are Copyrighted

We ask you respect that copyright, as you expect others to respect the copyright on your plans and drawings. The content of the Meetings (those we published monthly and those in the Library) is licensed to you based on the number of people you train. The number of people trained includes everyone who attends or uses Weekly Safety Meetings. Depending on how you train, the number of people trained could include:

      • Some or all of your employees (front office staff aren't counted if they don't attend or read the Meetings)
      • Employees of other contractors, if those people attend your Weekly Safety Meetings or you let them use or read your Weekly Safety Meetings.
      • Purchase a Membership which is representative of the number of people you will be training, and avoid violating federal copyright law.

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