Return Policy

Last update: June 15, 2017

Product Returns:
This section applies to purchases of Log Books, S.A.F.E. Cards, and any order for Safety Meetings which is delivered in a single shipment or transaction (“the items”).

We will refund the full purchase price paid (including sales tax, if applicable and paid) of the items which are returned to us in salable condition within 60 days of the day we shipped them to you. Custom-imprinted Log Books can only be returned because defects in the Logs or damage in transit. Select Edition Meetings delivered “all at once” can only be returned because of defects in Meetings or damage in transit.

If the return is due to an error on our part, or to a defective product, we will refund all shipping and handling charges for the item(s) returned, and we will pay carrier shipping charges to ship the item(s) back to our office. We may, at our sole discretion, choose to refund the purchase price and the shipping and handling charges you paid, and allow you to keep or dispose of the items rather than shipping them back to our office.

If you return fewer than the total number of items that you ordered, and the quantity you keep results in a higher per-item price based on the prices in effect at the time of your order, we will refund the amount calculated above as a “refund” and we will charge you an amount equal to the number of items you keep multiplied by the difference in the unit prices between the two price categories. For example: If 4 Log Books sell for $28.0 each, 5 Log Books sell for $26.50 each (category price difference of $1.50), you purchase 5, and return 1, then we will refund a net amount of $20.50; that is, 26.50 – 4*(28.00 – 26.50).

If you return items before you pay for them, we will reduce the amount you owe us by the amount we would have refunded had you paid for the items.

Safety Meeting Subscription Cancellations:
This section applies to Safety Meetings (“Meetings”) that are sold as a subscription or subscriptions and are delivered to you on a monthly basis over a period of time greater than one month.

You may cancel your subscription to the Meetings at any time. A subscription cancellation will be effective as of the first month after the month in the date on the Meetings we most recently delivered to you, unless you specify a later effective date. At our sole discretion, we may choose to make a cancellation effective as of an earlier date.

Your refund will be for the portion of your subscription which we did not deliver. The refund amount will be calculated as a pro-rata portion of the purchase price you paid, including amounts charged or credited for changes in the number of copies you receive or the number of people you train. All pro-rata calculations will be based on whole months, not weeks, days, or individual Meetings.

If you cancel prior to paying for your subscription, we will reduce the amount you owe us by the amount we would have refunded had you paid for the Meetings.

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