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Manufacturing Select Edition Subscription

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Manufacturing Select Edition Subscription Details

Select your topics. Weekly Safety Meeting, printed on paper, personalized with your company name, mailed annually in one package of 52 meetings or monthly in packages of four or five meetings.

What do you get?
Effective, turnkey training with your topics, on your schedule!
Select Edition allows you to pick and choose the Safety Meetings that you feel are best suited to your work. You select the 52 topics that you want to train with and choose when you receive them. You can opt to have all 52 meetings delivered at once, or have them delivered monthly throughout the year. Regardless of your delivery preference you’ll receive your 52 Manufacturing Safety Meetings, personalized with your company name, on an easy to read, plain-paper form.

How does it work?

  • First you select the 52 topics you want to train with from a list of over 150.
  • Then tell us when you want to use each of those topics. If you choose monthly delivery, we'll deliver your topics throughout the year (a nice reminder to hold Safety Meetings), give you some additional safety ideas in the monthly cover letters, and remind you which topics you have selected for the upcoming month.
  • When it’s time to hold the meeting, we recommend that you read the text once beforehand; then read the meeting to your crew, have everyone sign the form, get them back to work, and file your signed copy as proof of your training session.
  • Having signed copies of your Safety Meetings in your files can prove invaluable down the road, demonstrating to OSHA inspectors that you do maintain ongoing safety training. These signed documents may even come to your aid in a liability, negligence, or personal injury lawsuit. Selecting your topics allows you to match your training material with the work being done—which ultimately increases the amount of information your employees retain.

Manufacturing Safety Meetings are copyrighted
We ask that you respect that copyright. The content of the published meetings is licensed to you based on the number of people you will be training. The number of people trained includes everyone who attends or uses Manufacturing Safety Meetings. Depending on how you train, this could include some or all of your employees (if "front office" staff do not attend or read the meetings, they would not be counted). Purchase a Membership which is representative of the number of people you will be training, and avoid violating federal copyright law.