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Construction Standard Subscription Quizzes

Quizzes take your safety training up a notch. You get a Quiz and Answer Key for each Weekly Safety Meeting we publish during the month. Quizzes can significantly increase learning and retention, and they only take about 5 minutes.


Construction Standard Subscription Quizzes Details

What Do You Get?

One Quiz and one Answer Key for each Weekly Safety Meeting we publish for Standard Subscription or Premium Membership. The Quiz questions are all True/False or Multiple Choice answers, and the answer to every question is in the Weekly Safety Meeting. You don't have to know or prepare any extra information in order to use the Quizzes. The Answer Key even includes the quote from the Meeting that answers the question.

Why Purchase Quizzes?

Your people will learn more, retain more, and be safer. You get better, stronger training documentation.

Adding Quizzes to your safety training efforts can make a big difference to how much your employees learn and retain. Being at a safety meeting is great, but if you're people don't pay attention and retain what you talk about, they may not be any safer when they go back out to the job.

Better Learning: Just knowing that there will be (or might be) a Quiz makes most people pay more attention during your safety meeting. Paying attention is a big part of the battle. When your people take the Quiz, they have to read the questions, read the answers, and write down their answers. Those three steps mean that your people are using two more "channels" and two more parts of their brains to process safety info. Using more channels and thinking multiple times increases leaning and retention. Finally, if you go over the answers with your crew, they hear the information again.

Stronger Documentation: Quizzes move you from documenting attendance up to demonstrating understanding. When an employee writes down an answer to a question about having to wear eye protection, the claim "I didn't know I was supposed to wear safety glasses..." just doesn't hold much water.


How Does It Work?

Quizzes are included with Premium Membership; they are attached to the e-mail message you receive each month. If you receive Standard Subscription, you'll need to download the Quizzes from our website.

  • Open the Quiz PDF and print a copy for each employee.
  • Open the Answer Key PDF and print a copy for the person leading the Weekly Safety Meeting.
  • Conduct the Safety Meeting the way you normally would.
  • Pass out the Quizzes and give everyone time to answer the questions.
  • Review the correct answers with your crew. Have them write down corrected answers for questions they missed.
  • Have everyone sign their Quiz. Collect the Quizzes and file them with your signed Weekly Safety Meeting.

If you don't want to have your people take the Quizzes, use the questions to start a discussion after you read the Weekly Safety Meeting. Having that discussion will increase awareness and engagement which will help your people remember the training and avoid accidents.


If you order a Premium Membership there is no additional charge--Quizzes are included as an integral part of Premium Membership.

If you receive Standard Subscription, you can add Quizzes to your subscription. The charge is the same as for Additional Copies: $23 per crew per year. You'll receive a username and password to access the Quiz area of our website and you'll be able to download the Quizzes and Answer Keys each month.

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