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Construction Premium Membership - Additional Recipient

Give each of your supervisors direct access to their Weekly Safety Meetings. Supervisors don't have to wait for forwarded e-mails, and they have direct access to the Online Library.

Put the power to train effectively in the hands of the people who need it most.


Construction Premium Membership - Additional Recipient Details

What Do You Get?

Each supervisor receives Premium Membership Meetings in his or her inbox. Each of those supervisors also gets credentials to log into the Online Library. Why Purchase a Premium Membership?


The people doing the training need the Meetings. Don't make your supervisors wait for e-mail messages to get forwarded; or worse, not get their Meetings because someone is sick or on vacation. Add each of your supervisors as an Additional Recipient.

Eliminate Excuses:

Have you ever heard something like "Well, the reason I didn't do any safety training this week is because I didn't have a toolbox talk to read..."? When your supervisors receive the Meetings directly, that excuse goes away.

Make Training Relevant:

Your supervisors know first hand what's happening on their jobs. Adding each supervisor as an Additional Recipient grants each of them direct access to the Online Library. They can always find a Weekly Safety Meeting that is related to the work their people are doing. Relevant training is more effective, more valuable, and more memorable. And, since the supervisors have direct access, they can get their own Meetings and they don't interrupt you by asking you to find Meetings, download them, and e-mail them.

How Does It Work?

Simply add each of your supervisors as an Additional Recipient when you subscribe to your Premium Membership.

  • We'll send each supervisor a welcome message with a username and link to create a password.
  • Each month, we'll send the Weekly Safety Meetings to you and each of your Additional Recipients.

Put the training tools in the hands of the people who are actually going to use them.Pricing

Adding an Additional Recipient only costs $10 for the entire year. You can add Additional Recipients to your Premium Membership at any time.

You must purchase a Premium Membership in order to get the Additional Recipient price.

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