Talk To Your People About COVID-19

Important Information For Your Employees

Coronavirus and COVID-19 are here. With the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, it’s necessary for your people to stay healthy and focused, so the job gets done and life returns to normal. Good, clear information for your crews will help them stay calm, healthy, and productive.

"Not knowing" is one of the key drivers of fear and anxiety. Neither of those make for better employees or better business. Giving your employees good, actionable information that they can understand and use will help them stay calm. Calm employees are better for business and better for the community. Although these Meetings are written with construction and manufacturing environments in mind, the principles apply just as well to your family and your neighbors. 

We’ve written 5 New Weekly Safety Meetings to walk your people through how to keep themselves, their co-workers, and their families as safe as possible. We’ve collected the CDC’s ideas and recommendations and put them in easy-to-understand language. Just like every Weekly Safety Meeting we write, these are easy to read and easy to understand.

We also developed "Casting a Wide Net" to help owners, managers, and supervisors think through the wide array of challenges of re-opening jobsites, offices, and businesses. It's a list—a long list—of questions that is intended to help you develop your processes and your systems for re-opening your corner of the country. We specifically don't provide answers to these questions because the best answers will be different in different places and for different businesses. You can download  "Casting a Wide Net" as a Word document or as a PDF to edit and adapt to your situation.

Helping you explain safety and safe actions to your people is what we do. You can download a FREE Weekly Safety Meeting that covers coronavirus basics below. As our owner’s grandmother used to say, “use it in the best of health.”

The first of our COVID-19 Safety Meeting is available for FREE DOWNLOAD (see below). Four additional Safety Meetings are included with any existing or new Standard Subscription, Select Edition, or Premium Membership. If you’re not a subscriber and you’d like to purchase the COVID-19 Supplement separately, you can find more information here

You can find a very brief blog post on COVID-19 from our president here.


Download a FREE COVID-19 Toolbox Talk 



 More Information From the CDC & OSHA

Source What You’ll Find Link
CDC CDC on protecting yourself and others (including some information on disinfecting with bleach if you run out of wipes) Visit Page
CDC CDC why’s, how’s, and details on cleaning and disinfecting Visit Page
CDC CDC’s Situation Summary page. This page contains deeper information about what’s happening and why Visit Page
OSHA OSHA interim guidance on controlling and preventing COVID-19 in the workplace Visit Page
OSHA OSHA’s detailed guide (35 page PDF) on preparing your workplace for COVID-19 Visit Page