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Manufacturing Standard Subscription

New Safety Meetings on paper, mailed once a month in a package containing four or five meetings.

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Manufacturing Standard Subscription Details

What do you get?
A simple, effective, turnkey training tool! If you opt for a Standard Subscription, we will send you one Manufacturing Safety Meeting for each week of the year, so you can do training every week if you so choose. They are printed on paper and delivered to you one month at a time (four or five meetings depending upon the number of Mondays in the month) about two weeks before you will hold the first meeting. Keep in mind that this is a subscription, so you receive new material, based on current industry issues and OSHA changes. You don’t have to keep track of a year’s worth of toolbox talks, and constantly be thumbing through the stack to find one to use. The Manufacturing Safety Meetings are available in both English and Spanish, so you can train your Spanish speaking employees too.

How does it work?

  • Manufacturing Safety Meetings are delivered to you monthly. Then as often as you want to conduct training, you take a meeting from the package, read it to your crew, and collect their signatures.
  • Manufacturing Safety Meetings are completely ready to use. They are written so that they are easy to read aloud. Although we recommend that you read through each meeting before you conduct it with your people, there is no preparation or research needed on your part. Get your audience together, read the meeting to them, and have each attendee sign the meeting.
  • Having signed copies of your Safety Meetings in your files can prove invaluable down the road; demonstrating to OSHA inspectors that you do maintain ongoing safety training. They may even come to your aid in a liability, negligence, or personal injury lawsuit.

What does it cost?
Very, very little. A one year subscription starts at only $180 per year! Is there any other training that delivers so much for so little?

Manufacturing Safety Meetings are copyrighted
We ask that you respect that copyright. The content of the published meetings is licensed to you based on the number of people you will be training. The number of people trained includes everyone who attends or uses Manufacturing Safety Meetings. Depending on how you train, this could include some or all of your employees (if "front office" staff do not attend or read the meetings, they would not be counted). Purchase a Membership which is representative of the number of people you will be training, and avoid violating federal copyright law.