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Log Book Pocket Edition

The Pocket Edition Log is a great recordkeeping tool in a convenient size with a very flexible format. Physically, the book is 4" by 6-1/2" so it fits easily into shirt and hip pockets. It has 92 daily pages to accommodate three months' worth of notes using one page for each day.

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Pocket Edition Log Book Details

Although the Pocket Edition is a soft-cover Log, the pages are sewn directly into the book, providing durability and credibility. The daily pages are not pre-dated, so you can use as many pages as necessary to record the day’s activities. But the pages are numbered so you can always demonstrate the chronology of your notes. Since it fits in your pocket, you can keep the Pocket Edition with you throughout the day—ready to use every time you need to write something down.

  • 4" x 6-1/2" format allows you to keep this Log with you all the time.
  • No pre-printed dates means you can use multiple pages for a single day’s notes.
  • Numbered pages show chronology of your notes even when you skip days (like weekends).
  • Simple page layout encourages consistency, but offers flexibility.
  • Quick reference under back cover reminds you of key issues to record.

Pocket Edition Log Book Features






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