Stay Sharp! September's Safety-Centric Days

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Thursday, September 01, 2022

September is transitioning from the lazy days of summer to busier autumn. The days are getting cooler (in many parts of the country), so keep a jacket or sweater handy. Kids are back in school, so drive carefully, especially in residential neighborhoods and in school zones.

September is also a month filled with safety and health observances, like National Preparedness Month. Therefore it is also an excellent time to reflect on the recent rise of safety incidents involving trenching operations.

Share with your crew the month/days of observance that are health and safety centric. Leverage these resources to learn how you can manage risks and avoid accidents. Remind each team member of best safety practices and the importance of fostering a workplace and culture that promotes mental health and wellness.

Get the Conversation Going

Below are safety and health resources you can review and share with your team this September. These observances give you an excellent excuse to talk with your crew about different types of health and safety issues. Consider planning a Weekly Safety Meeting to address a timely topic, such as trenching incidents or relating to specific observance events. Remember to make yourself available to your team should they require help.

Highlight These Days of Awareness with Your Crew

The following links provide additional information on each initiative/observance. They provide indispensable facts and tools for you to read, hand out, or post in a place visible to your team.

Greater InspectionS From Deadly Trenching

Dig safely if your people work in trenching operations or if you're digging a trench or a ditch on your property as a home improvement project. Sadly, this year has been deadly when it comes to trenching accidents. OSHA has increased trench inspections and is considering criminal charges against those responsible for trenching deaths. Visit OSHA's website for information on preventing a trench from becoming a grave.

When a Crew Member is Struggling

Most importantly, make yourself available as a resource for your crew. Be a safe person they can talk to, create a culture of open and honest communication, and lead by example. Seek additional or professional assistance when you feel greater attention is required, or there is an unsafe situation. Doing so will help to prevent accidents or incidents at the worksite or one's home.


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