Safety Threats in Manufacturing

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Despite there being a market shift to a more digital-centered world, there is still a huge demand for physical products. The manufacturing industry remains a vital sector in the U.S. economy, employing 12.4 million people and generating an output of $2.2 trillion in Q3 2016. The U.S. manufacturing industry is the second largest in the world with goods being exported all over the globe. While still very important, manufacturing comes with inherent safety threats. Read more to learn about the most common types of safety threats in manufacturing.

Common Safety Threats in Manufacturing

Skilled workers are in high demand in the manufacturing industry, however, the reality is that the jobs are dangerous. Manufacturing is often made dangerous by the products and equipment used in the processes. Even though these dangerous materials may be necessary for the job, there are ways to maintain a safe environment. Here are some of the most common threats to manufacturing workers' health and safety.

High Temperatures

Extremely high temperatures are commonplace in many manufacturing factories but they do make for a more dangerous environment. High temperatures are used to forge, bend, melt, and shape different materials, mix chemicals, and a number of other dangerous uses.


Manufacturing often requires the use of dangerous chemicals, the handling of which requires extreme care. However, safety is not just left up to the worker. The workplace must provide the proper equipment and procedures to make sure its workers stay safe.


The manufacturing industry requires the use of heavy and complex machinery. Workers are trained on how to use this equipment but if standard procedures are not followed then safety is jeopardized.

Environments wherein safety precautions are not met can cause mistakes that lead to broken equipment, millions of dollars in product loss, injuries, and death. Safety Meeting Outlines creates manufacturing safety training products so workplaces have the guidelines necessary to provide a safe environment for their employees.