National Fire Prevention Week Begins on the First Sunday of October
October 2021 is the 150th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. In 1871, most buildings in Chicago were made from wood. Building and fire codes weren’t very strict. And that year, the weather was just right. So, when fire broke out in a small barn on DeKoven street, it spread quickly and efficiently through the city. Before it was controlled (with rain, firefighters, and burnout), 300 people were dead and 100,000 others were homeless. More than 17,000 structures were destroyed. The damages were estimated at $200 million in 1871 dollars.

In 1922, President Coolidge proclaimed the first National Fire Prevention Week, to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The goal of Fire Prevention Week is to raise fire safety awareness, and help to make sure your home and family are protected.

You can commemorate the Great Chicago Fire by making your home a Fire Prevention Zone. Here are some simple actions you can take:

  • Give this Home Safety Meeting to all your people so they can tell their families about Fire Safety at Home:
  • Make sure your home has working smoke alarms.
  • Inspect your furnace, chimney, fireplace, and clothes dryer regularly.
  • Keep your stove and oven clean and don’t leave cooking food unattended. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
  • Make sure electrical cords are in good condition. Use them properly so they don’t overheat. Don’t run cords under rugs or furniture.
  • Use care when you have fires in the fireplace. Don’t leave lit candles unattended. While it’s nice to have your guest bathroom smell like pumpkin spice, it’s not worth risking a house fire.

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