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COVID-19 Supplement Set

Safety Meeting Outlines has prepared five toolbox talks on topics related to coronavirus and COVID-19. These Safety Meetings discuss ideas that can help keep employees safe while working during the COVID-19 pandemic. The topics of the five toolbox talks are:

  • Coronavirus or COVID-19
  • Healthy work practices
  • Washing hands
  • Social distancing in the workplace
  • Wearing masks

These meetings can be sent electronically as a PDF or printed on plain paper and delivered by mail.  Each Meeting will be personalized with your company name and is available in both English and Spanish.  Also included are some considerations for the supervisor to adjust operations to our new normal. Prices start at $25 and increase based on the number of worker's trained.

All five coronavirus toolbox talks are included with every subscription. If you’re already a subscriber or Premium Member, you should have received these Meetings and you do not need to purchase them. If you have not received these meetings and you are a subscriber, please call the office at (888) 665-3836 to receive them.

Please contact the office about this product.

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Five Safety Meetings on Fall Prevention and Fall Protection are available now.

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COVID-19 Supplement Details

What do you get?The COVID-19 Supplement contains five brand new Weekly Safety Meetings. These five toolbox talks cover health and safety practices specifically associated with the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  The titles of the five Meetings are:

  • Coronavirus or COVID-19
  • Healthy work practices
  • Wearing masks
  • Washing hands
  • Social distancing in the workplace

These Meetings can be sent electronically as a PDF or printed on plain paper and delivered by mail.  Each Meeting will be personalize with your company name and is available in both English and Spanish.  

We also developed "Casting a Wide Net" to help owners, managers, and supervisors think through the wide array of challenges of re-opening jobsites, offices, and businesses. It's a list—a long list—of questions that is intended to help you develop your processes and your systems for re-opening your corner of the country. We specifically don't provide answers to these questions because the best answers will be different in different places and for different businesses. You can download  "Casting a Wide Net" as a Word document or as a PDF to edit and adapt to your situation.

How does it work?

  • All of our Weekly Safety Meetings provide information that line-level employees can use to make safe choices as they work. Our Meetings are written and tested to make sure that they are both easy to read and easy to understand.
  • The five Meetings in the COVID-19 Supplement provide timely information about safe practices to limit exposure to the coronavirus and slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Keeping your employees informed about COVID-19 and training them on safe work practices will reduce their fear and anxiety. Employees who are worried or anxious are more likely to lose focus, become distracted, make mistakes, and get injured.
  • Training, especially on highly worrisome issues like coronavirus, demonstrates your commitment to your employees and their safety. Morale is better and confidence in leadership is greater when your employees know that you’re invested in their health and safety.
  • We recommend that you read the text once beforehand, so you understand the material. Then read the Meeting to your crew, have everyone sign the form, get them back to work, and file your signed copy as proof of your training session.
  • Keep signed copies of your Weekly Safety Meetings in your files. Those signed Meetings can prove invaluable down the road; demonstrating to OSHA inspectors that you do provide ongoing safety training. They may also come to your aid in a liability, negligence, or personal injury lawsuit.

What does it cost?
The initial cost of the COVID-19 Supplement is $15.  As the number of printed copies, or the number of workers trained increases the cost of the Meetings per person trained will decrease. 

Weekly Safety Meetings are copyrighted
We ask that you respect that copyright, as you expect others to respect the copyright on your plans and drawings. Our product is the content in the Weekly Safety Meetings. If you make copies of that content, you diminish our ability to make money and pay our employees.

Additional copies are convenient and don’t cost much more than having someone in your office make photocopies. You may purchase additional copies in both English and Spanish. Purchase a copy for each crew, superintendent, or use; and avoid violating federal copyright law.

If you are receiving the meetings electronically, the content of the Meetings is licensed to you based on the number of people you train. The number of people trained includes everyone who attends or uses Weekly Safety Meetings. Depending on how you train, the number of people trained could include:

  • Some or all of your employees (front office staff aren't counted if they don't attend or read the Meetings)
  • Employees of other contractors, if those people attend your Weekly Safety Meetings or you let them use or read your Weekly Safety Meetings.
  • Purchase the number of COVID-19 Supplements that are representative of the number of people you will be training, and avoid violating federal copyright law.

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