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In today's world, safety training has to be easy to use, simple to understand, practical, and relevant.  Our Weekly Safety Meetings are designed with this in mind.

We offer 3 subscription options, one of which will fit your company's needs.

Standard Subscription is the simplest and least expensive option. These Weekly Safety Meetings are printed on carbonless paper and will arrive by U.S. Mail. The trial packet includes 4-weeks of English Weekly Safety Meetings, with Spanish Meetings available upon request.

Select Edition offers you the opportunity to decide the content for your Meetings.  Topics would be chosen once a year by you and printed on plain paper customized with your company name. The trial packet includes 4 pre-selected, personalized English Meetings and the list of available titles. Spanish Meetings are available, just check the box below. You will receive your trial packet by U.S. Mail.

Premium Membership provides the greatest choice and flexibility!  Receive Weekly Safety Meetings directly in your inbox each month and download specific content for today's meeting from our Online Library (Online Library is not available during trial). Trial packet includes personalized English Weekly Safety Meetings, plus Quizzes with Answer Keys.  Spanish Meetings, Quizzes and Answer Keys are available, just check the box below. 


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