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Manufacturing Safety


arrow Sample Topics:
  • Noise Hazards in the Workplace
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Equipment Operators
  • Eye Hazards
  • Forklift Safety
  • OSHA Top Ten Violations
  Manufacturing Safety:
Product Description

arrow Manufacturing Safety allows you to:

Document your on-going safety education program
Save your supervisor valuable time
Reduce research and preparation
Comply with OSHA regulations
Reduce and avoid OSHA fines

arrow If I’m just a small manufacturing company will Manufacturing Safety work for me?

Yes! Manufacturing Safety Meetings are designed to be an affordable, efficient, training tool. You don’t need to get your employees to classrooms or purchase expensive computers. Bring the training to the employees—right on the shop floor! These pre-written Safety Meetings take less than 10 minutes to hold, allowing you and your employees to address safety issues and quickly get back to work. Manufacturing Safety Meetings make it easy for you to conduct regular Safety Meetings. Making training easier increases the likelihood that it will happen every week. Regular training creates and reinforces safe work practices and increases safety awareness that:

Saves lives and prevents injuries on the job
Improves employee morale, efficiency, and reliability
Reduces the number of accidents
Lowers your insurance rates
Saves you money and increases your profits

arrow We currently address safety on a monthly basis; will Manufacturing Safety work for us?

Absolutely! We deliver four or five meetings to you every month, addressing frequently cited OSHA standards and common workplace hazards. You can use them in the way that works best in your organization. As a general rule, more frequent training results in better learning – for safety, that means fewer accidents & injuries. We developed Manufacturing Safety to enable frequent (weekly, or even more often using the Library.) If monthly training works best for you, —no problem. Simply choose meetings on the topic you would like to address during your monthly meeting. Feel free to visit our Online Library for additional Safety Meetings on a variety of topics to complement the monthly material.

arrow We’re a midsize manufacturer with some safety training already in place, how can Manufacturing Safety work for us?

Manufacturing Safety can act as a great complement to your already existing training program. Manufacturing Safety Meetings are easy to use, and take very little time to hold. The flexibility provided through the Online Library allows users to address a wide range of hazards whenever they’d like. Manufacturing Safety is a great addition to video, online and other forms of training.



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