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arrow Library Categories:

  • Accident Prevention
  • Electrical
  • Ergonomics & Material Handling
  • Falls
  • Fire Protection & Prevention
  • First Aid
    General Health & Safety
  • Hazard Communication
    Heavy Equipment & Utilities
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Personal Safety
  • Policy Issues
  • Special Work
  • Tools
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Weather

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  Online Library Description:

arrow What does the Online Library do for you?

  1. Saves Time! because you don’t have to go searching around (the internet or your file cabinets) for a safety meeting that matches the work your employees are doing.
  2. Improves Training! by allowing you to train on a topic that is particularly relevant to the hazards your employees are facing today.
  3. Increases Retention! because your people will hear more, understand more, and learn more when the training topic is one they can put into practice quickly since it matches the work they are doing now.
  4. Give You Flexibility! since you can access the Library 24/7, you can change your Safety Meeting whenever and wherever you need to. Your workplace is constantly changing; trying to predict what safety training you’ll need next year, or even next week can be close to impossible. The Online Library means that you can change your training topic to meet your current needs—anytime, when it’s convenient to you!

arrow The Library offers flexibility that traditional toolbox talks simply cannot match.

  1. Be Precise: tailor your training to the work that your crew is doing at any given time. You can deliver safety training on a topic that truly makes sense to your employees.
  2. Be Timely: since the Library is available 24/7, you can plan and prepare your Safety Meetings when and where you like. You don’t need to be in your office so you can leaf through binders of old safety meetings.
  3. Be Neat: You don’t need to make copies of used meetings from your files after you’ve spent time whiting-out signatures. Instead, browse the Library, select one or more meetings, even add notes and special conditions, and then print the number of copies you need.
  4. Be Different: train different groups on different topics as frequently as you deem necessary. Since you have access to a variety of safety topics, you can train different crews or different groups with different Safety Meetings.

arrow There are only two limits on your use of the information in the Online Library:

  1. you can only use it to train those people who are counted in your membership—if you have a membership for 50 people, you can train your 50 employees but not an additional 10 of your subcontractor’s employees.
  2. you can use the material in the Library as long as you have an active membership—when your membership expires, you are no longer permitted to use the material even if you’ve kept copies on your computer or in your files.

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