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Hurricane Sandy


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Hurricane Cleanup Safety
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Now that the storm is over, the hard work of cleaning up and rebuilding is just beginning. Keeping yourself and your employees safe during cleanup is critical.

Everybody is under a lot of stress in the aftermath of the storm. Explaining the risks of cleanup to your employees will help them avoid accidents and injuries. That saves Lives, and it saves you a lot of Time and Money.

These Weekly Safety Meetings (sometimes called toolbox talks or tailgate safety talks) will help keep everyone safe. Safety Meeting Outlines wants to keep people safe and help the recovery effort, so were making these Weekly Safety Meetings available at no charge. You dont have to register or sign up. Just download the Meetings and keep your people safe. Feel free to pass them on to your friends and colleagues, or send them to our site to download the Meetings.

If you like our products, please look at the subscription options because wed love to have you as a customer!

Weekly Safety Meetings

Demolition Key components of ANSI's Safety Requirements for Demolition Operations. Download English Download Spanish
Working Over or Near Water Personal flotation devices (PFDs) and an emergency plan can save your life when working over or near water. Download English Download Spanish
Material Handling I A list of ways to avoid accidents and injuries when handling materials by hand. Download English Download Spanish
Proper Lifting Techniques Step-by-step guidelines for safe lifting habits to reduce strain on your back. Download English Download Spanish
Sanitation I Drinking water, toilet facilities, food handling, vermin control, and trash collection. Download English Download Spanish
Sanitation II The importance of clean drinking water, restrooms, and trash disposal on the jobsite. Download English Download Spanish
Jobsite Checklists A list of items you might want on your jobsite checklist. Download English Download Spanish
Hand Injuries Prevent hand injuries by wearing gloves, being aware of machine dangers, and remaining alert. Download English Download Spanish
First Day on the Job I A list of questions you should find answers to your first day on a new site. Download English Download Spanish

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